Diet “Labels” & nutrition

I discovered a passion for nutrition three years ago and never looked back. I really believe eating whole natural foods as much as possible can have so many benefits to your health. (most of the time of course! 😉) I’ve been learning for a while on how to find a healthy balance of it all and try my best not be too extreme. I used to call myself a “vegan” but now I am done with labels. Yes, maybe right now I eat plant based foods most of the time. However, if I want something with meat, eggs, or dairy, I’ll have it. That happens on occasion.

So the point is… I am done with labels. I’ve learned that everyone is different and some people handle different types of diets better than others. I don’t have anything against anyone who eats differently than me. I have no “agenda” other than to inspire others to experiment on their own and find recipes they love that are good for you AND delicious 😊